Michael J. Varma brings personal experiences of recovery and the pursuit of a healthy positive lifestyle to his lifelong adventure. Schooled in substance abuse counseling, peer support, group facilitation, outreach, energy work and meditation, he enjoys reaching out and offering fresh
perspectives to those affected by adversity, sexual discrimination, HIV/AIDS, addiction, recovery, issues of mental health and spiritual awakening.

In his book The Gong Show the author tells a tale of his adventures in coming to terms with failure, success and life on life’s terms in the most unlikely place of all – the streets of Vancouver. It is a tale of learning to see outside the box and embrace the oft overlooked shadow-side of life. While not for the faint of heart the author holds a light for not only those who were there, but also for those who no longer are and even those who might find themselves there through no perceivable conscious decision of their own. All the best!

Where to buy the book


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